No one has a right to cross our border and violate our national sovereignty. Our immigration policies–though imperfect–need to be followed. Congress must address our broken immigration system immediately.

Nationalism. Not Globalism.

The utopian idea of a New World Order and a global government is a myth–while globalists like Dan Newhouse try as they might to paint this dangerous policy as a good idea, global governance isn’t good for anyone.  Globalists in both parties are hell-bent on making this bad idea a reality for one purpose: to seize complete control over the rights and freedoms of individual citizens.

I completely oppose this idea and will always work to put America First.  National sovereignty requires a strong border which is why I support the border wall started under President Trump.  I will work to make sure the border wall  is completed and our border is respected by those who would try to enter our nation illegally.

Our nation has a door of entry called the immigration process–foreign citizens must use it or suffer the consequences of illegally violating our borders.