What you choose to put into your body is your choice and NOT the choice of anyone in the government.


Your Healthcare Decisions Are Between You and Your Doctor

Nowhere in the United States Constitution is there a provision that gives the United States government the right to interject itself into your relationship with your doctor.  Period.  The government does NOT have the right to take over the healthcare system and they do NOT have the right to mandate that you inject any substance into your body without your consent.  It is your right and your duty to resist all attempts by the Government or employers to make a vaccine or other medical procedure a condition of your employment.

I wholly reject medicare-for-all and the Universal Healthcare schemes advocated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the other socialists in Congress.  The government does not belong in the Healthcare industry.  Instead, we must look to free-market solutions to control costs and create more healthcare options for patients and doctors while protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

It IS the role of the Government to protect citizens from predatory business practices employed by many in the healthcare industry–specifically, pharmaceutical companies.  This is why I advocate for severe consequences for companies who violate the public trust through attempts at price gauging and monopolization.  I will work with my colleagues to bring generic drugs to market quicker and to make those drugs widely accessible to the patients who need these medications the most.