Our education system is in full crisis.  Critical Race Theory is a sick attempt by the radical left to propagate racism and division in the next generation of American citizens.

We can’t let that happen.

The Department of Education Should Be Dissolved

Our education system is broken.  U.S. test scores are now below the global average. In science and math, the US ranked 11th and 30th respectively, and the overall performance of students in the United State is below over half the other nations in the world.


Education should be de-nationalized, the Department of Education should be dissolved and the responsibility of education should be given to states, to local school boards, and to parents.  Alternative options to public schools should be incentivized; such as, homeschooling, co-ops, private schools, and charter schools.

I wholly reject the idea of perverting our children’s minds with hypersexualized curriculums, Critical Race Theory, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, or any other destructive ideology meant to control future generations of American citizens.

The majority of our education woes began with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society expansion of government and were magnified by Jimmy Carter’s formation of the Department of Education. While Republicans have long tried to dissolve or limit the role of the Department of Education, President Bush (43) greatly expanded the role of the department through his failed No Child Left Behind policy.  It’s time to get back to Constitutional government and dissolve the Department of Education once and for all.  These duties and responsibilities belong to the states and to local communities–not the federal government.