Former Gubernatorial candidate and Police Chief Loren Culp is running to be your Congressman from Washington’s 4th Congressional District because the socialist mindset is destroying our way of life and influencing our elected public servants who claim to be conservative.  The most conservative Congressional District in Washington State –which voted by the largest margin in the state to support President Trump in 2016 and 2020 and Loren Culp for Governor in 2020–should be represented by a Constitutional conservative who will always put America First.

As a lifelong resident of Washington State, Loren has a deep love for his country and state. Loren understands that there is no higher calling than service-before-self to the American people which is why he volunteered to serve in the United States Army and later left his small business after 20 years to become a law enforcement officer in his hometown community of Republic, Washington. Loren embraces common-sense Constitutional policies that ensure State’s rights and your individual rights are respected, represent our fundamental values of individual freedom and liberty, and give Washington citizens in the 4th Congressional District a reason to once again be proud of their public servants.


Your perspective on the many challenges facing our republic is important to making sure Congress finds solutions that work for all Americans.  No spin.  No partisan politics.  Just common sense public policy that enables all Washington citizens to thrive.

Tell Loren what you think about:

The Constitution is the foundation of what protects our God-given fundamental rights as citizens of the United States of America.  The government formed through the ratification of the US Constitution did not create and deliver these rights–it was created to PROTECT these rights from foreign and domestic enemies.  As your public servant, your Congressional Representative must protect your rights and obey the Constitution at all times.  What does it mean to be a Constitutional Conservative?  It means putting YOU first.

The Constitution IS America First.

Nowhere in the United States Constitution is there a provision that gives the United States government the right to interject itself into your relationship with your doctor.  Period.  The government does NOT have the right to take over the healthcare system.  I wholly reject medicare-for-all and the Universal Healthcare schemes advocated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the other socialists in Congress.

Government does not belong in the Healthcare industry.  Instead, we must look to free-market solutions to control costs and create more healthcare options for patients and doctors.

It IS the role of Government to protect citizens from predatory business practices employed by many in the healthcare industry–specifically, pharmaceutical companies.  This is why I advocate for severe consequences for companies who violate the public trust through attempts at price gauging and monopolization.  I will work with my colleagues to bring generic drugs to market quicker and to make those drugs widely accessible to the patients who need these medications the most.

Our education system is broken.  U.S. test scores are now below the global average. In science and math, the US ranked 11th and 30th respectively and overall performance of students in the United State was below the global average.


Education should be de-nationalized, the Department of Education should be dissolved and the responsibility of education should be given to states and to local school-boards.  Alternative options to public schools should be incentivized; such as, homeschooling, co-ops, private schools, and charter schools.

The majority of our education woes began with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society expansion of government and were magnified by Jimmy Carter’s formation of the Department of Education. While Republicans have long tried to dissolve or limit the role of the Department of Education, President Bush (43) greatly expanded the role of the department through his failed No Child Left Behind policy.  It’s time to get back to Constitutional government and dissolve the Department of Education once and for all.  These duties and responsibilities belong to the states and to local communities–not the federal government.

The utopian idea of a New World Order and a global government is a myth–while globalists like Dan Newhouse try as they might to paint this dangerous policy as a good idea, global governance isn’t good for anyone.  Globalists in both parties are hell-bent on making this bad idea a reality for one purpose: to seize complete control over the rights and freedoms of individual citizens.

I completely oppose this idea and will always work to put America First.  National sovereignty requires a strong border which is why I support the border wall started under President Trump.  I will work to make sure the border wall  is completed and our border is respected by those who would try to enter our nation illegally.

Our nation has a door of entry called the immigration process–foreign citizens must use it or suffer the consequences of illegally violating our borders.

Due to bad foreign policy, our agricultural community in Washington State (and nationwide) are forced to compete with foreign interests with both hands tied behind their back.

Why is that?

Because big government globalists don’t want our agricultural community competing on a level playing field.  They need our farmers and ranchers to require government subsidies so they can control that sector of the economy.  Many claim that our subsidies for the agricultural community are the problem; but, I disagree.  The subsidies aren’t the problem, they are the symptom of dangerous foreign economic policy.

I will work for our farmers to be able to compete in the global marketplace by advocating for American Farmers First policies that allow our agricultural community to thrive, reduce the need for subsidies and finally, no longer require the subsidies–thus, reducing the role of government in the free-market and setting our agricultural communities free from the bondage of government intervention.

FACT:  The United States was energy independent under President Trump’s energy policies.

In 2019, after 62 years, the United States achieved energy independence; meaning, as a nation, we produced more energy than we consumed. In 2019, the United States produced more oil and more natural gas than either Russia or Saudi Arabia. In fact, in June 2020, the U.S. actually exported oil to Saudi Arabia.

FACT:  In just under 100 days into the Biden/Harris Administration, the United States is about to lose its energy independence.

I completely support the America First approach of President Trump regarding energy independence and the removal of the United States from all globalist schemes (such as the Paris Climate Accord) that force the United States to be dependent on countries that hate us, while also forcing Americans–people just like you–to subsidize the energy costs of other nations.

The global climate is changing.  That is a fact.  Since the formation of our planet, the climate has undergone a multitude of global climate changes.  That process is unstoppable and subject to forces no public policy can change.  The Green New Deal will not stop the planet’s climate from changing.  Eliminating oil and gas will not stop the climate from changing.  Eliminating air travel will not stop the climate from changing.  Eliminating the use of clean coal and other clean energy sources will not stop the climate from changing.  Reducing the flatulence of cows (yes, environmental extremists and socialists have even suggested this as a cause of global climate change) will not stop the climate from changing.

What it will do is vastly expand the role of government and the cost of energy.

We all support common sense environmental protection policies to keep our natural resources protected from wildfires, oil spills, and other disasters.  We must properly manage our natural resources before we do anything else.  Additionally, I advocate for the development of clean energy sources that do not harm our nation’s economy, destroy industries, or eliminate American jobs.  A clean environment and economic growth are not mutually exclusive.  We can do both.  We must do both.  And I will support legislation that promotes the welfare of our energy sector while protecting the environment.

In 2016 when President Trump was elected, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled in September of 2020 said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.

When you bet on the American people, the American people never let you down.  America First economic policies work and that is why I will advocate for a return to the economic policies of the Trump Presidency and a rejection of the Obama/Biden/Harris economic vision of America last.

Trump proved that an aggressive growth strategy can improve the fortunes of the average American family.  I will always bet on the American people and I will always put my faith in you.