Agriculture and our farming communities are the backbones of Washington’s 4th Congressional District.  Without our nation’s farming, ranching, and agricultural communities our nation would collapse.

American Farmers First

Due to bad foreign policy, our agricultural community in Washington State (and nationwide) are forced to compete with foreign interests with both hands tied behind their back.

Why is that?

Because big government globalists don’t want our agricultural community competing on a level playing field.  They need our farmers and ranchers to require government subsidies so they can control that sector of the economy.  Many claim that our subsidies for the agricultural community are the problem; but, I disagree.  The subsidies aren’t the problem, they are the symptom of dangerous foreign economic policy.

I will work for our farmers to be able to compete in the global marketplace by advocating for American Farmers First policies that allow our agricultural community to thrive, reduce the need for subsidies and finally, no longer require the subsidies–thus, reducing the role of government in the free-market and setting our agricultural communities free from the bondage of government intervention.